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Corvallis Addiction Treatment Centers, a free rehab advisory service, can help you do this by providing you with the direction you need to not waste time or money. All you need to do is to call us at (971) 333-3640.Perhaps you're considering quitting an addiction as part of a New Year's resolution, or perhaps you've hit rock bottom. It could also be that you've simply made up your mind that you won't let drugs hurt you anymore.

However you may have come to the notion that you need to quit, it is important you follow through with it. Now, you need to make sure that you give it your best shot. Call Corvallis Addiction Treatment Centers now at (971) 333-3640.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Corvallis

With the Right Kind of Rehab, Your Chances of Success Greatly Improve

It's unfortunate, but many people who decide to get drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Corvallis will make the decision to choose a center with very little consideration. The problem of choosing with minimal consideration is this: both the rehab process and the rehab industry tend to be very complicated.

When you choose without adequate consideration, you may end up with something that wasn't designed to help you. You only spend a great deal of money for treatment that's a poor fit.

Corvallis Addiction Treatment Centers Knows What a Good Fit Is

When you call Corvallis Addiction Treatment Centers, we set up a consultation. We try to learn from you as much about the person you are, and the addiction that you suffer from. We take this information and use our experience to interpret it, and apply it to the deep database that we keep at our disposal.

In the end, what we come up with is the name of a rehab that is the right fit for you in every way - one that offers you the best treatment, and that works with the insurance method that you prefer.

What Makes a Rehab a Good Fit?

It's an important question to ask. Unless you know what exactly makes a rehab good, you'll always have a hard time gaining an appreciation for the kind of work that needs to go into finding a good addiction rehab center. For instance, in your inquiring about seeking a high-quality drug rehab in Corvallis, you must take certain factors into consideration.

A great rehab is one that offers programs that are strictly evidence-based: It isn't to be taken for granted. Unlike hospitals, rehabs are legally allowed to follow any approach at all to addiction rehabilitation that they want. From religious dogma to exotic belief systems and unproven science, there are rehabs that offer everything. If you are to find treatment that really helps you, you need to locate a rehab that is run on principles approved by modern medical science.

A great rehab offers you personalized treatment: Just as hospitals will always conduct tests and personal interviews of patients in order to determine the right kind of treatment course for any condition, rehabs need to carefully test and otherwise learn about their patients to devise treatment programs that work. It's important to never go to a rehab that offers generic treatment programs to everyone who comes in the door.

The best rehabs offer dual diagnosis treatment: Mental disorders are a part of most addictions. Anyone who is addicted, for this reason, needs to investigate for the presence of mental disorders and attempt to treat them. All good rehabs do this as part of their treatment programs. When addictions are treated by themselves, and the mental disorders that they are a part of are left alone, patients only tend to relapse.

Rehabs should offer you a choice of treatment format: Some addictions are best treated on an outpatient basis; others require residential treatment. Not only is it important that rehabs offer the right treatment format, they should offer them with the right kind of professionals on board, as well.

Rehabs should offer you relapse prevention: While it's a commonly held belief that detoxification is the most important part of the rehab program, it's actually the part that comes after detox that matters the most. Quitting drugs comes easily at first.

Maintaining the sobriety that you've gained, however, requires dedicated work. It requires that you take psychological treatment very seriously, and address every psychological challenge that contributes to your tendency towards addiction. Rehabs should offer such therapy.

These and many other features go into the making of a quality rehab program that is actually effective. When you attend such a rehab, you know the difference. It works, and you feel yourself gaining control of your condition.

Corvallis Addiction Treatment Centers Can Help You

As addiction rehab advisors affiliated with Corvallis Addiction Treatment Centers, we know very well what makes a rehab program effective, and we make sure that we find it for you.

Whether you are sure or not that you want to use rehab advice, it doesn't hurt to try us out before you begin to look for a rehab center in Corvallis. We are free, after all. All you need to do is to call us at (971) 333-3640. 

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